Angel is always happy and easy to please. She has a luxurious wavy soft coat. She has beautiful brown border collie eyes. Angel has a laid back temperament and loves every human being she sees. Her favorite sport is couch and feet warming. She likes getting hugs and belly rubs from her humans. She gets along with the other animals in the house but sometimes the cats are too interesting to ignore.
She is average size for a border collie at 42 pounds. She is a white piebald with a split face and medium amounts of ticking over her whole body. The ticks will darken as she ages. She has been retired from breeding. She was a great Momma dog for our first 2 litters.

 Can I have a hug?
Do you need a foot warmer?
I'm so happy you took this picture.

Its cold out here. Can I go in now?
I am so happy in these two pictures

Will you rub my belly? Please!!!