Roma is a sable merle with big pointy "up" ears. She is our climber monkey. She also has a split face with one blue eye. She comes to us from Rockin R border collies in Kentucky. You can find them on Facebook. She has a sweet disposition. She loves to stay active and play with all of her housemates. She can't counter surf as well as some of the bigger dogs in the house can, but her smaller size is made up for by her greater creativity. She has been caught in all sorts of places due to her ingenuity. Pushing a chair to the counter or table so she can climb right up when no one is looking is but one example. Since she is one of the smaller dogs in the house, getting to look down at the big dogs can be so much fun. She loves to play with the dog puzzles and usually solves new ones by the third try. Play is her best motivator. She is the chief ball fetcher. She will play catch like an outfielder. If we don't bring a ball out to play with and none are available in the yard, she will bring a coffee can or something else for us to toss.   Roma was selected as one of the top 100 cutest dogs in Cleveland back in the spring of 2016. She finished 52nd out of more than 2200 dogs. The top 100 can be found here

Roma @ 9 weeks

Roma in the shopping cart at TSC. Her first outside of home trip.

Roma @ 5 months
Roma in climber monkey mode on a table caught in the act of trying to sleep with the cat in the basket.

Roma and DeNiro at play.