Shady Gray also known as Shady is the product of Gus and Little Bits. Little Bits is owned by a couple in Garrettsville, Ohio. They wanted a litter of their own and Gus was happy to help. Shady was originally placed in  new home when his first 8 weeks were up. However, at about 5 months, he was returned to his breeder. Since we had assisted with his creation, we gladly accepted him into our pack. He was originally thought to be a blue and white border collie, however, he has recently displayed traits that identify him as be a blue seal color. He will eventually be tested for coat color genetics. First however, he will be tested for the border collie panel at Paw Print Genetics found here.  Once his testing is complete, he may be available for stud at a later date.

 He shares his Dads lovable personality with his humans. He does however, have more energy than his dad and is more excitable than Gus. Since he is less than a year old, he still has his puppy like moments and as of now, his "off switch" is not as developed as some of the others in our pack. He has a similar drive to Lira even though they are not related. He is already our biggest border collie and he is not yet done growing. He is almost as tall as Lira and almost twice as wide. The last time he was at the vet, he weighed in at 52 pounds. He is a rough coat collie, but his fur is very soft compared to some of our others. By himself, he likes to run and chase just about anything. He has not yet mastered bringing stuff back yet. With the rest of the pack, he like Lira and Kaos, wants to herd the others. Above all, hugs and belly rubs from his humans are the best. The pictures below were taken by a friend of ours. More of her work can be found here.

Shady June 2017

Lucky Charm showing Shady how to get the ball

Shady up close