Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm aka Little Bits or Miss Fancy Pants, is our latest edition. She is Blue Merle with partial heterochromia in both of her eyes. This will not affect her sight in anyway but does give her a very unique appearance. She came to us from Rock Bottom Creek Livestock Company. Her parents were Ranger and Connie. More about them can be found here. She enjoys playing ball with Roma and Lira.  Lucky Charm or LC for short, grew up up with Gus so to speak and so she loves to chase him around if the other dogs are not around. She will be 2 in June 2017. She is about the same height as Gus, DeNiro and Kaos. She has a few inches shorter than Angel or Lira. She is not a barker unless everyone else in the house is howling. So far, her fur has proven to be the softest and thickest of all our Border Collies. She likes to give her humans hugs if given the chance.