"Gus" is our stud dog. Gus is seal and white or a ghost tan with a full white collar. Gus has been tested for all known hereditary diseases and abnormalities for border collies. Testing was performed by Paw Print Genetics  His genetic panel came back clear for all six abnormalities found here, This means even if he is mated to a dog that may be a carrier of those  six abnormalities, none of his offspring will be affected by those conditions since two copies (one from each parent) of a gene abnormality are needed to be affected. He has an awesome personality. He is one of our more quiet, laid back dogs, so definitely a medium drive border collie. His "drive" is to please his humans. Gus is now over one year old and available for stud service by appointment.

He has produced 4 litters so far. One litter was with our own tri-colored Lira. The results were 5 males, 2 females. Colors broke down as follows: 4 black and whites and 3 tri-colored pups. His second litter was with another dog not owned by us and that litter also produced 7 puppies, Colors produced were 6 black and whites and one blue. He was mated to another black and white.  This means he carries the dilute "d" gene and does not carry the dominant "K" gene. Gus's parents were a blue merle and a brindle. When mated with our own Roma, they produced 2 shaded sables, a red merle, a blue merle and 2 tri-colored pups,

His coat color genes have not been tested but there is not a known test for either a seal and white border collie, or a ghost tan border collie as there has not been enough research to narrow down the gene combination that causes the coat color. The lab report for Gus can be seen below.

Gus lab report

Gus Sept 2015

What is this stuff?

It is cold but I like to play in it.

Learning how to use the steps like the big dogs.

See I knew I could do it.
What are you looking at?