Lira is a medium to high drive dog that loves to stay busy. She comes from champion herding lines and is our largest border collie. Her grandfather is a USBCHA National Final champion from 2010. You can find more about USBCHA National Final Champions here. Her great grandfather is a multiple Open trial winner in his own right. Her parents both work livestock on farms in southern Ohio.  She is a black and white tri with black and brown speckles on her legs.  When we first brought Lira home, we started her socialization outside of home. On her first trip to Tractor Supply, Lori had to use the restroom and took Lira with her. I had moved from the dog food section to another part of the store. When Lira and Lori left the restroom, Lira retraced her steps to the dog food section where they left me. When she did not find me, she kept her nose to the ground until she found me on the other side of the store. While we will not be doing any tracking with our border collies, they can be outstanding at any task their human companions ask of them.  She has been tested by Paw Print Genetics for the entire border collie panel they offer. The lab results are listed below. If she carried one copy of the affected gene, she would be considered a carrier for that disease. It takes 2 copies of the mutation to produce an affected pup. Since her and Gus are both considered normal or clear, they nor their offspring, can develop any of the diseases listed. 

Lira's lab report

Lira @ 9 weeks

Lira @ 9 months

Keep away with the coffee can.

Gus to Lira: Whatcha doin?

Gus to Lira: You've got a ball!!!

Lira: Yep. I brought it in from outside

Gus: Let me play with it Lira..

Lira: Only if you can get it away from me.

Gus: I'm going to get it.

Lira: No your not.

I told him he wasn't going to get the ball. Will you throw it for me? I love to catch it before DeNiro.