About Us

Makin Doo Border Collies.

Welcome to Makin' Doo Border Collies. We are committed to providing quality border collies for your family. Our dogs are raised in our home not in a cage. They are well socialized with other dogs and cats in the home. They are herding dogs and while we do have horses; and once upon a time goats, on the property, they do not herd the outside livestock. Our females are medium to high drive dogs that thrive on activity but also know when to turn that drive off. If you are looking for a constant couch potato dog, look elsewhere. As a breed, border collies are known to be very smart and if they do not have something to do as instructed by their human companions, they will find something to do. Hence the name Makin' Doo. They make do with what they have. They make great companions and have a willingness to please.   Puppies come with a health quality guarantee. Our breeding stock are ABCA registered and will be tested for Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) and hip and elbow dysplasia very soon. More information about these conditions can be found here  and here.

Also, all of our females will not be bred until they are at least on their third heat cycle. This is done for the health of the dogs as well as the health of the puppies. All of our breeding stock has been carefully selected for temperament, drive, and willingness to please. Color differences are a bonus.

All our animals have their own page. For more information on any of them, click on the name of the animal you would like to know more about. If you have questions please feel free to contact us. We are available by appointment. Feel free to contact us via email at hippelysmakindoo@gmail.com for more information. We also have a page on Facebook as you can see by the link on the right. Lori can also be reached by phone @330.564.5509 most days. Lori is old fashioned and prefers phone calls versus text messages. 

For information on our puppies available, click on the puppy page. For your convenience, we are now accepting Paypal for deposits on all puppies. There is now a link on the right side of this page for your convenience. 

Some have asked how we came up with the name Makin Doo. It started years ago as a play on words for Lori and I since it always seemed we were just making do, while always cleaning up; well you know, doo from the animals we already had. Lori was diagnosed with 2 rare health issues that were supposedly not related in 2011. We were given the "better get your affairs in order" speech in a doctors office and told there was nothing much that could be done. Getting rid of the other animals we already had was not going to be an option.  After going past Lori's supposed expiration date, I told her since it was in her best interest to stay home, she might as well do something she loves. These border collies are the result since they are an awesome all around breed. For more details on this journey, start here.