They grow up fast

This page is dedicated to the not for long puppies and their new fur-ever homes as they grow up and do big things. Comments are welcome. Pictures will be added as we get them. Please send them to I will add them ASAP.  Any relevant facts you would like in the caption please let us know. You can also post them to the FB page Makin Doo Borders

Angel and Flash 1/13/2016

Kaos and Bo 11/16/2015

Angel and Ranger 5/21/2015
Ranger is available for stud at Rock Bottom Creek Livestock Company

The pictures below are from the Angel and Flash liter 1/13/16
The first to leave the puppy pen was Chandlee aka Red; will now be known as Brigid on 3/11/2016.
The second puppy to leave for the big adventure called life was Indigo on 3/12/2016.
Geno (previously Charlie) also went  home 3/12/2016 with the owners of the litter sire, Flash. Poor guy looks a little scared in the photos below, but Flash will keep him company...
Max (previously Comet) left on 3/19/2016) He fell in love with the new people right away. 
Luna left for to upstate NY  and Dawson was out the door for Dayton right behind her on 3/25/2016.

Dawson on her way out the door to Dayton.

Luna going to Upstate NY. We thank you for your service. 

Max's new family

Geno on his way to meet the litter sire Flash

Indigo and her new family

Brigid and her new puppy parents

The families pictured below are from Bo and Kaos
Brandy (previously Betsy) and Bree left 1/12. In my infinite wisdom I forgot to get a picture with their new family. 
Bear met his new family 1/21/2016
Bob and Beeper went together on 1/29/2016 and are known as Duncan and Elliot.

Bob and Beeper with their new humans

Max (Boomer) and his new dad on his way to his new home. We thank you for your service.

Max and his new big sister Maddie

Max and Maddie "I can share my toys with you"

Huxleys (Brody) new family

Huxley and his new friend in the yard hunting moles and watching chickens
Huxley and his new big brother

 The new families pictured below with their puppies are from Angel and Ranger

Maizy's new family

Pudge's new family

Callie's new family

Gunner's new family

Levi's new family
Bella's new family

Updated 7/21/2015: Zoey made it safely to Virginia on 7/18. Lori forgot to take a picture of Zoey with her new family before they left so I don't have one to post. 

Updated 9/24/2015 The puppies are 4.5 months old now and from the looks of the pictures and videos we have seen, they are looking great. Here are a few pictures sent to us on our Facebook page.

Callie and Oreo Aug 2015

Maizy and her new best friends July 2015

Mazy getting the princess treatment July 2015

Levi July 2015

Levi 2 July 2015

Levi Aug 2015

Levi Sept 2015. Somebody didn't like the carpet in the previous picture.

Maizy with her bone Nov 2015
Updated 12/2/2015. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Any holiday pictures with your pooches that you would like to share would be great to see here.

Zoey in Christmas spirit Dec 2015
Maizy Dec 2015

Updated 1/17/2015 I have some more pics to share and I finally discovered where Lori's phone was hiding Bella pictures. 

Bella on her 5 month birthday

Bella Aug 2015 looking like she just got caught

Bella Aug 2015

Levi almost grown up Jan 2016

Maizys first snow Jan 2016

Maizys first snow Jan 2016
Updated 6/28/2016: We have a picture of Theo (Pudge) to share as he hit the one year old mark with his siblings pictured above. 
Theo, previously known as Pudge. 

Theo agian, he has his momma's stare and her spots at one year old. 

As these bundles of fur grow up any pictures you would like to share can be sent to

The future ....... to be continued......

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